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  Schiller 05 e.V.


The registered non-profit association was founded in 2004 by artists, cultural managers, designers and scientists for supporting and producing theatre and media projects. The aim of the association is to improve the situation of young contemporary artists. For that reason the association is an organizer of festivals, theatre-performances and exhibitions.






Festival „Räuber und Gendarmen“ Weimar 2005
(12th May – 12th June 2005)
More than 90 artists from 12 countries were involved in the festival during the „Official Year of Friedrich Schiller 2005“.

Impressions of the festival





  Schiller Festival 2005: Raeuber und Gendarmen  

a dramatical fragment of Friedrich Schiller
Schiller 05 e.V. in cooperation with Theaterhaus Jena (D), Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich (CH), Theatre Meiningen (D).







Theatre-Performance „Polizey“ in Jena,
directed by „Norton.Commander.Productions










Theatre-Performance „Polizey“ in Weimar,
directed by „FarADayCage Production


„Utopiebaustelle“ was a temporary art space in the centre of Weimar for the presentation of concerts, movies, installations and discussions dealing with the idea of „utopia“.








„Utopikator“ Installation in public space by Nikos Arvanitis and Jens Maier Rothe


„Monster“ was a serial of billboards in public space of Weimar, created by the artist Peter Wächtler.









Self Control
"Self Control" by Olaf Helbing is a video artwork about finding traces of a grandfather in a grandson. Also an experiment in producing a short movie with the smallest production unit: Yourself.

  Olaf Helbing Self Control  

is a platform developed for most diverse medial condition, from spatial design to space producing apparatuses in theatre contexts.
In preparation of the BAUHAUS-YEAR 2009 (on occasion of then 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus-school in Weimar), this platform invites media designers, artists and stage designers.

  raumapparate 09